Wednesday 18 October 2017

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Researching the specifications of any Marine Engine

A new marine engine website ( provides useful data for the industry with specifications covering new and non-current models.

Armed with the knowledge of the engine you want for your boat, the internet presents detailed information on the power unit of choice in a matter of seconds. Any serious supplier has to be on the web otherwise business will pass by to another.

Narrowing the choice of engines to propel your boat can be a time consuming task. First of all what engines are there on the market? Having made the choice of propulsion systems, between inboard, outboard, sterndrive, saildrive or waterjet, the task becomes more difficult as you compare one engine with another. If it is a used or non-current engine, the specs may be difficult to find as manufacturers focus their websites on new sales of current models. If only there was one website that listed all or nearly all the marine engines produced worldwide, year after year! Well here is one – The World Marine Engine Database recently opened up for internet access via the website

Originally published in book form for the marine trade several years ago, this engine directory can now be accessed worldwide, through the internet. Compiled over several decades, the website allows searches for target engines based on up to nine parameters. The targets may then be compared in a tabular format, greatly simplifying the selection procedure, saving time and money. The home page is shown in Fig 1, with Login/Signup before starting the search.

There are over 13,000 engine types searchable on the website up to the engine power ceiling presently at 3000hp (2238W/ 3040 metric hp), next year, higher power engines will be available as this ceiling is raised.

The website can be used in many ways. To look up the specs of a particular engine, to search for engines fitting particular parameters, comparing engines by checking their specs – all in the same units! It’s not just the well known, big names that are listed, little known or unknown brands and models from different markets are included and last but not least, being able to look up specs of non-current engine, no longer displayed by the manufacturer.

The website is easy to use, after registering, by clicking on the product icon, it brings you to the search page for that particular product.
Selecting a brand name from a drop down menu and then model type from a list, after hitting “search” the results will list up to 30 “hits” showing the brand and model together with the power and rpm.

If you are searching by engine power, go straight to the Power section and enter the range of powers being considered, it can be entered in either kW, hp or mHP (metric horsepower). Other searches can be made on Engine Size, Weight, Transom Height (outboards only), RPM range, 2/4 cycle, Fuel and/or Starting Method (outboards only). If the search is too wide, the results will be too numerous and you will be asked to tighten the search to reduce the number of “hits”.

For the occasional visitor to the website, user searches are free of charge up to three searches per month and for the regular user a $25 annual charge (excl. tax) is requested. Special commercial rates exist for corporate multiple users.

As a further aid to identifying older or lesser known engines, the website has a separate database of Marine Engine Brand Names associated with marine propulsion. It lists approximately 1,000 Marine Engine Brands, showing the manufacturing company and country.

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