Thursday 7 April 2022

Yamaha Motor Europe new collaboration with Windy Boats

 New collaboration in the sports cruiser market between Windy Boats and Yamaha Motor Europe


Yamaha Motor Europe has long been a dominant force in the global marine market, developing high-quality engines using the latest technology and finest materials available. Yamaha Motor has gained a reputation for delivering the best possible outboard engines to all users, whether aboard a large cruiser or small tender. Recent years have seen further technological developments evolve the brand from a marine engine manufacturer to a complete boating systems provider that delivers an end-to-end marine propulsion, control and information system to the user.  

The most recent announcement sees Yamaha Motor Europe confirm their collaboration with high-end Scandinavian boat builder Windy Boats, cementing Yamaha Motor's position as the brand of choice for boating systems in the sports cruiser market. This five-year partnership will see Yamaha Motor Europe and Windy Boats share expertise, as well as the supply of outboard engines for a variety of vessels.


Understated luxury, unquestionable quality

Established in 1966, the Windy Boats brand was created by Hugo Vold. Hugo, the son of a Norwegian fisherman, had an inherent understanding of and respect for the stormy waters around his hometown where his father worked. This understanding and respect for the ocean has been prevalent in the design and manufacture of each Windy boat, from the original 24 Cabin Cruiser, to the latest award-winning Sports Cruiser and SR lines. Today, every Windy product holds true to the original ethos, not just in the uncompromising standards and quality of the vessels, but also in the heritage integral to the brand’s name – Windy – named after Hugo’s father’s original and most trusted fishing boat, Vindy.

Having established a reputation for quality and endurance, Windy Boats has gone on to develop a wide range of vessels, each created for ultimate performance on the water and underpinned by values that users trust and remain loyal to. As a result, the multi award-winning brand is no stranger to having its products on the podium, most recently being shortlisted as finalist for Best Sports Cruiser (up to 45 ft) at the 2022 Motorboat Awards with the SR44 Blackhawk.

Under the new agreement, the SR44 will be available with Yamaha Motor’s flagship XTO 425hp V8 outboard engine, delivering incredible torque throughout the rev range, in addition to precise control and excellent efficiency from the direct injection, 5.6 litre engine. Windy Boat’s SR28 CC will also be available with a selection of Yamaha Motor's Premium and High Power outboards, including the latest 300hp V6, which will deliver exhilarating performance to this spacious 28 ft day boat.


A complete boat propulsion solution

Yamaha boating systems now feature updates that specifically aid use and maintenance for multi-engine set ups, essential for Windy Boats. The past 12 months have seen Yamaha Motor’s users enjoy even smoother and more controlled steering on large single-engine and multi-outboard vessels, following the launch of the new V6 300/250/225hp engines. This is thanks to the Digital Electric Steering (DES) that is now available across the Premium and High Power segments, from the XTO 425hp V8 to the 150hp outboard engines. DES ensures minimal steering feedback, which is perhaps most beneficial with larger, sports cruiser vessels with a high horsepower.

As Yamaha is now operating as a boating systems provider, users can benefit from a seamless boating experience, as Yamaha Motor’s innovative technologies span every touch-point from the controls to engines and gauges. Each element of the boat’s systems comes together in harmony to deliver unparalleled levels of comfort and control on the water. Owners can enjoy the exceptional quality of the Helm Master EX control system, with the joystick control, multi-function colour gauges, Steer-by-Wire and Autopilot among its many advantages. For a stress-free experience after returning to dock, Yamaha’s exclusive TotalTilt™ function allows complete engine tilt up at the touch of a button. This, combined with single-point freshwater engine flushing for multi-engine vessels, means that Yamaha’s V6 ranges allow captains to focus on their leisure time, knowing that their outboards have been maintained.

Partnering for the perfect user experience

One of the major advantages of the partnership for Windy Boats' users is the seamless integration onboard and a wider choice of options, from fully customisable rigging to colour co-ordination between boat systems and the rest of the craft.

Trevor Fenlon, Managing Director of Windy Boats explains,'WINDY has known Yamaha Motor for many years and we are very excited to work with the Yamaha engineering team once more to bring innovation to the water. We are proud to say that our all new WINDY SR44 SX will be powered by triple Yamaha XTO 425hp V8's, where we have already sold the first hull!'

The partnership enhances performance for users too. A vast wealth of knowledge is shared between partners during the design phase. Work such as extensive prop testing furthermore facilitates a superior overall performance in the finished vessel. What's more, users can tailor the vessel to their exact requirements.

Additionally, thanks to the installation training that Yamaha gives boat builders, they are ensuring that every feature is optimised for the best possible boating experience. The benefits of the partnership don’t stop once the boat is delivered. Industry leading after-sales support leads to global impact from a united partnership.

‘Like Yamaha Motor, Windy Boats is a truly iconic brand within the industry. Today’s announcement marks the start of Yamaha Motor Europe providing Windy Boats with the very finest technology in marine propulsion's systems, such as Helm Master EX control and the Premium range of outboard engines. Aligning these two strong and prestigious brands ignites a partnership that will offer the best of two worlds and we look forward to delivering a wonderfully unique experience to our customers.Fabrice Lacoume, Marine Director at Yamaha Motor Europe.

Yamaha Motor Europe and Windy Boats have much in common, with a shared passion for making every user experience enjoyable and intuitive. Yamaha’s reputation for quality and performance aligns perfectly with Windy’s superior designs and will support their commitment to maintaining the loyalty and trust of their users for generations to come.