Tuesday 19 October 2021

Yamaha Motor to Begin Pre-orders of Next-Generation Boat Maneuvering System HARMO in Europe

Yamaha Motor to Begin Pre-orders of Next-Generation Boat Maneuvering System HARMO in Europe 

- More comfortable, smart package boat with electric motor quietness - 

IWATA, September 15, 2021 - Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. announced today that European pre-orders for spring 2022 have begun for HARMO - featuring a new boat-maneuvering technique integrated with an electric propulsion unit and steering control system.

This latest arrival will be available for viewing at the Genoa International Boat Show (September 16- 21) to be held in Genoa, Italy. HARMO is a "next-generation boat-maneuvering system platform" consisting of a propulsion unit powered by an electric motor, a remote control box, and a joystick that enables more intuitive operation.

Developed with the aim of providing a smart package boat that brings passengers more comfort due to the quietness unique to that of electric motors. With a focus on Europe, where environmental awareness is ever increasing, HARMO has been exhibited as a prototype in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in 2016, and Dusseldorf, Germany in January 2020, where it attracted a lot of attention.

A great deal of insight was also gained through initiatives such as the promotion of demonstration operations on the Otaru Canal Cruise in Otaru City, Hokkaido which started from August 2020. With the aim of bringing greater benefit to people’s lives, and to society as a whole, the company has further expanded the possibilities of mobility through electrification of various product groups including electric motorcycles, electrically power assisted bicycles, electric wheelchairs, drones, electric golf cars and small low-speed vehicles (land cars). 

HARMO Features

  • Motor drive adopts a rim drive method*, realizing highly efficient electric propulsion. In particular, as strong thrust (propulsion force) can be generated at low speeds, HARMO enhances intuitive operation, with significantly lower vibration and noise, allowing a more comfortable ride
  • The steering mechanism with its large rudder angle enables on-the-spot turning, providing a greater sense of enjoyment and unity with the boat.
  • One can easily maneuver the boat with simple operation of the joystick.
  • When using two units, you can move the boat horizontally by simply tilting the joystick sideways to assist difficult berthing and/or docking.

HARMO reference video: https://youtu.be/J2m8TZC85oA  *Drive By Rim method:

A system of driving the impeller by a motor mounted on the rim (edge) of the impeller blade. Unique Rim Drive Mechanism Joystick operation provides more comfortable maneuvering