Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Yamaha Motor Europe enter in a 5-year agreement with Quarken Boats

 Yamaha Motor Europe enter in a 5-year agreement with Quarken Boats


Yamaha Motor have always been at the forefront of marine innovation; from the revolutionary XTO 425hp V8 with direct-injection, to the lightweight portability of the 2.5hp and many achievements between. 2021, saw the launch of the most customer focused, premium outboards.

These outstanding V6 engines are the driving force that will power all of Quarken’s boats, as part of a new 5-year partnership.

Quarken, a Scandinavian brand, is pushing forward marine technology to deliver the best possible customer experience – making the alignment between the brands almost inevitable. The name comes from the brand’s HQ in Finland, an area that connects sheltered waterways ideal for day boating with friends and family with rougher water suited to exciting adventures. The company was recently formed by a team of highly experienced boat builders with a deep understanding of what customers want and how to deliver superb levels of usability in unique craft.

Thursday, 26 August 2021

UKCA product marking will replace CE product marking



UK government has given firms an extra year to apply

 post-Brexit product safety standards


After “Extensive and ongoing engagement” with the industry the government has been acting on the much-argued switch from CE (European Conformity) marking to UKCA marking (United Kingdom Conformity Assessed). This has resulted that the firms get an extra year to apply and assess their UK sold products and they are allowed to use the CE marking till 1 January 2023 (before 1 January 2022). 

The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) welcomed the move saying it would protect supply chain and “make a huge difference to consumers” on the availability of products covered by the CE/UKCA marking. UK’s post-pandemic economic recovery is already showing signs of being held back by a cocktail of supply chain issues from lorry driver shortfalls to global chip shortages.

The new product safety marking rules will affect businesses supplying most products on the market in England, Scotland and Wales the BCC indicated. Companies have been able to use the new UKCA markings since January 1, 2021, which the government says will allow it to have control over goods regulations “maintaining the high product safety standards expected in the UK”.

But businesses have complained about the extra burden this will give to be applying to two regulations and standards and the departure of decades of experience vs a new system of conformity compliance. Because the UKCA product marking is not recognized in the EU and the CE product marking is not recognized in the UK. Additionally, the end consumer will have to pay the bill with buying the product as an end-consumer...



Conformity compliant products the CE Marking must be added/replaced

 to/by the UKCA Marking