Thursday, 15 October 2020

MOI Composites Introduces the first 3D printed boat at Genoa boatshow ..


MAMBO (Motor Additive Manufacturing Boat) Commemorates a New Beacon for Boat Building with Design Innovation Award and Varo

(Milan, Italy Oct. 8, 2020) – What better way to announce to the world a revolutionary innovation than with a live demonstration of a real, functional 3D printed boat and varo, a ship launch ceremony. MAMBO, the world’s first 3D printed fiberglass boat, designed and 3D printed by Moi Composites (Moi), received its official inauguration in traditional Italian style and flair.


The varo featured Carla Demaria, CEO of I Saloni Nautici as the ceremony’s madrina and closed with the boat cruising in the water to celebrate its world premiere and most recent accolade, the Nautico 60 Design Innovation Award.


“The varo is always a great moment,” says Carla Demaria, “the one of this boat, even greater. Two years ago, when I was UCINA - Confindustria Nautica’s president, I met Gabriele, Michele and professor Marinella Levi from Politecnico di Milano, which explained to us the idea of building a boat without models or molds from 3D printing. It sounded crazy and fascinating to us so we decided to help. We always have the feeling of teaching to younger generations, sometimes we learn.”


Professor Marinella Levi, co-founder of Moi quoted the famous Carlo Riva during the team’s presentation Sunday 4 October, ‘The Art of Making Impossible Vessels Possible’ and said, “the most important thing about boats is what you don't see, it's the materials.” And it is true, critical advancements in 3D printing today include the ability to print advanced materials, especially continuous fiber composites. “Continuous Fiber Manufacturing (CFM) technology can 3D print real products in impossible shapes. MAMBO’s material and design were carefully chosen to demonstrate the power of CFM technology. “We pushed on the organic shapes of the boat with every single curvature being impossible to manufacture until today” saied Michele Tonizzo, Moi’s Co-Founder and CTO.

According to Dr. Stefano Pagani Isnardi, Head of Department – Technical, Statistics, Research, Int’l Federations for Confindustria Nautica, the Italian Marine Industry Association, “Italian marine industry is the world's second largest, and it is appreciated in all the world for its combination of four elements: design, technology, artisanship, and innovation. A special thanks to the people that believe in innovation like yourself, seeing MAMBO at the boat show was emotional.”


Paying an ode to past centuries of boat craftsmanship and made-in-Italy heritage, MAMBO with its design and production methods, elevates hand-made work with modern, digitally-made process, bringing design concepts only dreamed of before to life. MAMBO symbolizes a beacon of the path untraveled, illuminating hope for a new era of design and manufacturing to follow, daring boat aficionados to truly build boats in their own way, as the same Carlo Riva mentioned earlier might have been very pleased to hear.


MAMBO received the 60 Salone Nautico Design Innovation Award thanks to Moi’s partnership with Autodesk, Catmarine, Confindustria Nautica, Mercury Marine, MICAD, Osculati, and Owens Corning. Each partner brought their specific expertise and industry skills and resources to realize the boat. Gabriele Todisco, CEO of Catmarine joined the project for the freedom the technology provides, liberating the composite material from molds. A value also shared by Francesco Fiorentino, Composites Specialist of Micad, which highlighted  that MAMBO’s hull is a concept explored by very few specialists due to its particular geometry. Alberto Emilio Osculati, Executive Director of Osculati praised the uniqueness and extreme customization of the project and Alessandro Conti, General Director of Brunswick Marine Italia concluded that the project was prestigious and stimulating in a field that doesn’t shine for it’s innovation and that this project can be a radical shift for the industry.


Moi expects to showcase MAMBO at other events around the world and plans to open order books for similar one-of-a-kind, custom 3D printed boats, working with interested boat builders, designers, brokers, owners/clientele, and other key stakeholders.

About Moi

Moi Composites (Moi) is a tech start-up that 3D prints custom, powerful products using robots and advanced composite materials. Free of molds and traditional design and time constraints, Moi’s patented process innovation can produce strong, lightweight, unique objects in incredible new shapes, sizes, & performances, cost effectively on demand. Founded in Milan, Italy 2018, as a spinoff of Politecnico di Milano University, Moi’s vision is advanced composites any time, any place, any shape. Moi won several prizes for its innovative technology, including the prestigious Italian “National Innovation Award” and the JEC Innovation Award, and has partners and early adopters in robotic automation and industries such as aerospace, energy, marine, and biomedical.


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