Thursday, 19 November 2020

Candela is now the fastest-growing electric boat brand


Candela Speedboat

It's been little over a year since we started the serial production of the Seven electric hydrofoil, and Candela has gone from a small start-up to being the fastest-growing electric brand in Europe. In September alone we sold 10 boats, and we are continuing to see strong demand across all markets. Our next endeavour is launching the Seven on the US market, starting in San Francisco in early December.

While we have no definite data (despite researching the topic) on how big the electric boat market is, Candela is certainly one of the major players in Europe. With 16 resellers in 11 countries, we are expanding to new locations every month.  The order stock is filled well up into the second quarter of 2021, but don't worry - we're staffing up and there are still 2021 Edition Candela Sevens available for delivery next summer.

To make it easier for you to decide colors and options, we have updated our site with a new configurator. Check it out at to decide how your dream edition of Candela Seven looks like.

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